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Dream Shoot Rentals: Ursula’s Speed Retouch

Dream Shoot Rentals: Ursula’s Speed Retouch

This week I left NYC for one month on the road teaching, networking, and hopefully creating some incredible images. My adventure started with teaching at “Senior’s Ignite” and next in the line up of incredible events is creativeLIVE Photoshop week , followed by WPPI U, WPPI and the off to Dubai to shoot editorials and teach at Gulf Photo Plus! While all of these things are exciting, I have yet another pretty insanely exciting thing to add to my to do list! At WPPI I will be launching a brand new business that I am very passionate about– Dream Shoot Rentals. As I’ve traveled around the country teaching, photographers have often complained about the difficulty of attaining stunning clothing or props. The shoots they envision in their heads often have beautiful pieces of clothing to express their vision, but these pieces are often too expensive or too difficult attain. This company solves that problem. This project, for me, really came from my fellow photographers constantly pointing me in this direction. They needed a service like this. It really started this December when I was commissioning some custom-made dresses from some designer friends of mine. I was having the create these dresses for me to teach with in the upcoming years. I posted on Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in renting these dresses from me when I wasn’t using them for a class… the response was overwhelming. HUNDREDS of comments within hours. I thought, this is something I can do to help photographers make their dream shoots a reality. I jumped right on it, and the concept was a reality in just over a month. Our official launch will be at WPPI next week (with the website opening at the close of the event).

Since I’ve started this company, I’ve had so many photographers approach me and thank me for creating this resource. Its been such a blessing to see others share passion for the same project and see their excitement as I announce the incredible new pieces that my designers have created just for their shoots. In fact, several photographers have even referred to my site as the ‘missing link’ for their photography. I couldn’t be happier to be this link in their creative chain! Some photographers even set up their businesses to have packages that include dress rentals and ‘fashion flair’ sessions for their clients.

Photographers can utilize the pieces we provide to inspire them, to help them create their dream shoots, or to offer stunning wardrobe to their clients. We are adding new pieces to our collection nonstop, including children’s gowns, headpieces, masks, shrugs, wedding gowns and many stunning couture pieces. The collection we have now is just the beginning, and we foresee and incredible collection of pieces to inspire any photographer!

The image you see here I created as a promotional campaign for the business, and is a photo of the ‘Ursula dress’ that I designed in collaboration with a  seamstress. This is a one of a kind piece, designed specifically to make incredible images. In fact, it has 6 YARDS of fabric in each train. When I photographed this image with my team a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting in one of my favorite locations in Long Island City. I have also included the speed retouch of this image so you can see how I composited it to get just the right fullness and fabric movement in the dress.

If you are interested in my new business, launching March 6, here are some important links:

Facebook (I give everyone sneak peeks of what my designers are creating before they become available so that photographer can start getting inspired!)
Facebook group (photographers can share the images that they have created with our dresses in this Facebook group!)
Please also be sure to join our mailing list for exclusive offers, discounts and announcements!

Be sure to watch for the behind the scenes video of the making of this shoot and more informational videos about my newest project!