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How I Got The Shot: Lory Gold

How I Got the Shot: Lory Gold

Hey everyone, I’d love to take you behind the scenes of this photoshoot with fashion designer Lory Sun as we explore her wonderfully imaginative pieces with a little shimmering gold!

Concept & Styling

This shoot was all about beauty, opulence and gold. Fashion designer Lory Sun and I have collaborated for the last couple of years and I wanted to feature some of her newest designs, including a gold metal glove.

Being a stunning young woman, Lory would be the model for these images to showcase her own designs.

We decided to take the idea of gold to an extreme with gold makeup, gold background, gold props and gold designs. The glitter gold makeup by Johnny Gonzalez helped me mirror qualities of her designs, and I even decided to dip a rose in the glitter to provide another prop.

For the background I used two V-flats and gold poster board to create a golden metallic environment for the shot.

Since these images were all about the beautiful detail on her designs, I utilized a 180mm macro lens paired with the Canon 5D Mark IV to get up close and personal in these shots.


In this shot I experimented with several different formulas of lighting until I found the setup that had the most pop and shine for her pieces. In some shots I tried three lights, sometimes I tried gels, other times I lit the background. In the end I utilized only 2 Profoto D1 Air strobes. I used a silver zoom reflector on her face to create contrast and shine to the pieces with a beauty dish and a grid that as fill light to periodically lighten the shadows or add extra shine to her pieces.


Of course I retouched to remove any distractions from the shots, but also to control the viewer’s eye in the frame. I removed parts of the frame that were not essential to the concept of the image and also toned the shot to give it more of a pop. One of my toning secrets is to use a black and white adjustment layer with a blend mode of soft light to give that beautiful contrast and glow to the skin.

Lory is a gifted designer and beautiful woman, and I was pleased to create these memorable images to showcase her talents. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Also be sure to visit my Facebook Group so you can share your images too!


Model wearing Lory Sun fashion designer gold finger pieces with gold dust on lips and flower in mouth - Lindsay Adler PhotographyModel wearing Lory Sun fashion designer gold finger pieces with gold dust on lips and flower in mouth - Lindsay Adler Photography

Gear used

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