Create lighting that is dark, steamy, and dramatic with this 3-light setup. In this tutorial I will show you how to use gels, a beauty dish, light placement, white balance and spray bottles to create mood and atmosphere in this creative studio lighting tutorial.

This video will take you step by step through the tools, modifiers, settings, techniques and other considerations to create these powerful shots full of mood and drama. It includes a diagram, behind the scenes images, and ‘control image’ to see the results on a mannequin as well as model.

Sometimes you want to enhance your scene with the use of color. In this instance, you will see gelled barn doors used to not only carve out the subject’s form, but also to create mood and illuminate atmospheric elements. By using spray bottles and gel, you fill the air with an almost steamy appearance without the hassle of working with a fog machine. The beauty dish and grid create a beautiful pop and illumination to the subject, will creating a dramatic fall-off of light that is perfect for this mood of the shot.

Resulting Images

Lindsay Adler Photography - Creative Studio Lighting - Beauty dish + 2 gelled rim lights final
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