Boudoir photography is an art. This art is captured through the mastery of the art of lighting,  posing, directing the eye, and capturing emotion. Join Lindsay Adler as she explores her unique take on the creation of memorable boudoir images.

She begins by building the foundations of boudoir, including essential go-to poses and directing your subject. She explains not only how to achieve beautiful curves and flattering poses, but what problem areas to what out for that may weaken a pose.

Once these foundations have been established, Adler will take you through 5 creative and stylized boudoir shoots from start to finish. She’ll explain concept, lighting, posing and what makes each image successful.

Boudoir is an art, so don’t leave it at the typical and expected. Create works of art by letting your creativity and vision influence your personal definition of boudoir. This tutorial will not only building your understanding of boudoir essentials, but also more advanced concepts behind posing, lighting and conceptual approaches to boudoir.

What you’ll learn

  • 5 Go-To Poses
  • Getting creative with gels
  • Creating a high key silhouette boudoir image
  • Creating a hollywood glamour style image
  • Using props to give your boudoir images something different
  • Using flowers to create a gentle and feminine image

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