Boudoir photography is the epitome of femininity. It is your job as the photographer to be able to flatter your subject in the best way possible. Since the reliance on wardrobe is much less, you must become comfortable with being able to pose your subject in ways that highlight their best features, flatter every curve and create allure. There is a lot less room for mistakes when you can’t rely on wardrobe to tell the story.

This is why posing and expression become paramount. Everything is pushed to an extreme; more curve, softer hands, and more extreme camera angles.

In this video I will go over my 5 essential guidelines and show you my 5 go-to poses that will help you create a base for achieving endless variations from simple and elegant poses.

5 guidelines to successful boudoir posing

  1. Bend, Curve, Arch
  2. Bend the Knee, Avoid Even Feet
  3. Showcase Strengths, Downplay ‘weaknesses” … show the ‘treats’
  4. Hands caress and direct the eye
  5. Put in some camera work!
Resulting Images

Note: These images are for illustrative purposes, they aren’t finished or “polished”. They are mean’t to illustrate the resulting pose.

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