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The nude form is your canvas to tell a story, to build a character, and to sculpt a striking composition. With photography, creating a stunning piece of nude art is a confluence of light, posing, and concept, with concept leading the way. 

If you create a nude photograph and the first thing that you notice in the nudity, you are probably missing the mark. You can begin with an idea more than just a nude form and instead develop a concept that sets you up for enchanting results. 

In this video tutorial, I will take you far beyond the basics of nude photography and instead explore a range of creative approaches that play with light, scene, and narrative. We will experiment with a wide range of gear, lighting setups and creative in-camera techniques ranging from impactful and simplistic to wow-worthy advanced concepts. 

This class is for two types of photographers. First, it is for the photographer who is passionate about art nude photography and would like to emphasize the artistry in their work. This class is also for photographers looking to be inspired and explore the possibilities of creative techniques that can be achieved in an intermediate-to-advanced experience level. 

I have carefully crafted 14 different conceptual fine art nude photographs to touch upon a wide range of learning opportunities. For each setup we begin by exploring the development of the concept and/or costuming for the imagery. Next, we will explore the studio lighting setup including the gear used, positioning, and purpose of each piece of equipment. Then, we will pose our nude subject, coaching them to achieve a desired character or visually appealing pose. Lastly, we will take a look at a few key photoshop techniques required to complete the piece of art. 

Join me step-by-step in the creation of nude works of photographic art!

Included in the guide:

  • 14 setups
  • Step by step instructions
  • Diagram of lighting scene
  • Behind the scenes image of each setup
  • Camera gear used
  • Camera / lighting settings
  • Tips to achieve a better image
  • Gear guide
The Conceptual Nude - Lindsay Adler Photography

14 Setup Companion Guide

Sample from the guide

(click to enlarge images)

LIndsay Adler - The Conceptual Nude
LIndsay Adler - The Conceptual Nude
LIndsay Adler - The Conceptual Nude
LIndsay Adler - The Conceptual Nude


The Conceptual Nude tutorial is available for streaming only. You will be able to download the companion guide PDF for printing.

The Conceptual Nude - Introduction - Lindsay Adler Photography


The Conceptual Nude - Fabric Dancer - Lindsay Adler Photography

#1 High Key Dancer

The Conceptual Nude - Dancer shapes - Lindsay Adler Photography

#2 Graphic Dancer

The Conceptual Nude - Ferns - Lindsay Adler Photography

#3 Fern Forest

The Conceptual Nude - Comic Book style - Lindsay Adler Photography

#4 Comic Book Gels

The Conceptual Nude - Sunset - Lindsay Adler Photography

#5 Sunset

The Conceptual Nude - Shooting with water - Lindsay Adler Photography

#6 Water Reflections

The Conceptual Nude - Painterly scene - Lindsay Adler Photography

#7 Renaissance

The Conceptual Nude - Statue mode - Lindsay Adler Photography

#8 Venus Rising – High Key

The Conceptual Nude - Modeling as a statue - Lindsay Adler Photography

#9 Venus Rising – High Contrast

The Conceptual Nude - Hermes model - Lindsay Adler Photography

#10 Hermes in the Clouds

The Conceptual Nude - Gel contortionist model - Lindsay Adler Photography

#11 Gel Contortionist

The Conceptual Nude - Ziegfeld Follies model - Lindsay Adler Photography

#12 Ziegfeld Follies

The Conceptual Nude - Red Bondage model - Lindsay Adler Photography

#13 Red Bondage

Conceptual Nude - Lichtenstein model - Lindsay Adler Photography

#14 Lichtenstein