Many photographers will hold themselves back from creating because they are under the impression that beautiful, creative images are out of their budget. That simply isn’t the case!

As photographers we are creative problem solvers — our job is to find solutions — whether that means visual solutions for flattering someone, creating a story, OR finding ways to make beautiful images without breaking the bank.

In this 15 part video series, expert diy designer Lory Sun will first guide you through the creative process, from where to get ordinary items to create awesome styling pieces, to actually showing you how she creates headpieces and clothing for shoots with ease. Seriously I could even do this lol.

Then we’ll jump in the studio to photograph them! You’ll see step by step how I light and position the pieces so they have maximum effect. You’d never know that most of the pieces in the shoot only cost a couple of bucks to produce!

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Content Overview

The class is broken up into two sections – Making the Piece and Shooting the piece,

  • Introduction
  • Intro with designer Lory Sun
  • Ornate Glasses
  • Mirror Headpiece
  • Face Appliqués
  • Cut & Tie Dress
  • Placemat Hat
  • Blue Visor
  • Outro
Bonus Guide
Creativity on a Budget

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