Fashion techniques allow you to style, pose, and photograph couples in an unforgettable way. Each couple you photograph is unique, and you can use the elements of fashion photography to create images that flatter them, tell their story, and capture their unique bond.

By using fashion flair, you can create incredible images for your wedding business to help you stand apart from the competition on social media, at bridal shows, or in your marketing materials.

In this tutorial I’ll share my top 5 tips for fashion flair for couples, including tips for fashion-influenced posing, creating stylized images, shooting to tell a story and more. I’ll use two beautiful portrait sessions to illustrate these concepts utilizing real couples!

If you want to take your bridal portraits and couples images up a few notches, this tutorial will help you see and photograph couples in a new way worthy of a fashion magazine!

  • Introduction
  • Tip 1: Reveal Their Unique Relationship
  • Tip 2: Don’t forget the man!
  • Tip 3: Strike a Pose: Vogue (5-Fashion Influenced Poses for Couples)
  • Tip 4: Let them be Real
  • Tip 5: Shoot like the Movies
  • Outro
  • Clients Receive Prints

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