A family portrait often becomes an heirloom or even a centerpiece of the home. This is your opportunity to create a piece of art for the family to cherish. Just because you photograph families does not mean you should be limited in your creativity, stylized sessions or story telling. You can offer your clients one-of-a-kind sessions that produce incredible images worthy of the mantle place.

In this series I share my top 5 tips for giving that memorable fashion flair to your family sessions while photographing 3 real families in unique and eye-catching portraiture.

I’ll cover styling, concept, fashion-influenced group posing, fashion group lighting and more! This tutorial will help you understand the concepts needed for memorable and stylized images worthy of gracing the cover of a fashion magazine.

  • Introduction
  • Tip #1: Reveal something about the family
  • Tip #2: The Hero Shot
  • Tip #3: Get Everyone Involved
  • Tip #4: Pose like Vanity Fair
  • Tip #5: Light like Vanity Fair
  • Outro
  • Clients Receive Prints


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