Fashion photography and High School Seniors are a perfect match to help your business stand apart from the competition. You can stylized wardrobe, plan hair and makeup, utilized fashion-influenced posing, tell a story, and much more.

With the importance of social media, adding an element of fashion photography to your work is an incredible tool to create a buzz and spread the word about your business. High School Seniors crave that fashion look… and that’s just what you can offer!

In this tutorial I’ll share both of my favorite marketing and shooting techniques for adding fashion flair for high school seniors. You’ll learn about developing a concept and creating a stylized session for seniors including sourcing wardrobe and your creative team, 3 fashion studio lighting setups to wow high school seniors, tips for creating engaging imagery and much more. I’ll cover everything from marketing tools and unique products, to shooting angles and fashion studio modifiers.

If you are seeking to add a dash of unforgettable fashion to your senior portrait work, this tutorial is a great resource to get you that creative edge!

  • Introduction
  • Why Fashion Flair for Seniors
    • Social Media
    • Selfie Culture
    • Fashion Culture
  • How to Use Fashion Flair to Benefit your Senior Business
    • Senior Rep or Senior Model Programs
    • Create a Buzz
    • Exclusive Packages
  • Setting Up for Fashion Flair Success
    • Building your Team
    • Preparing for the Experience
  • 3 Unique Products for High School Seniors
    • Animoto Videos
    • Sticky Albums
    • iPhone Cases
  • 3 Fashion Lighting Setups to Wow High School Seniors
    • Clam Shell Lighting
    • Ethereal Glow
    • Dramatic 3-Point Lighting
  • 5 Tips for Fashion Flair for High School Seniors
    • Tip 1: Show What they Love
    • Tip 2: Play Dress Up
    • Tip 3: Let them Move!
    • Tip 4: Obscure the Lens
    • Tip 5: Shoot from Unusual Angles
  • Outro
  • Client Receives Prints

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