In this free video tutorial, I’ll show you how to utilize elements of fashion photography to help create unforgettable portrait and wedding images.

I’ll discuss how to create buzz in your target demographic by offering both incredible images and experiences to your clients that differentiate you from the competition without breaking the bank.

I’ll teach you how to plan and execute stylized sessions that utilize wardrobe, props, thematic concepts, lighting, locations, story-telling and more. You’ll learn how to accomplish all of these techniques on a budget and incorporate them into your business model!

Next I’ll share my Top 5 Tips for Fashion Flair, as you join me behind the scenes of a real fashion shoot. You’ll be able to see what it takes to put together two memorable fashion images from creating mood boards, to coordinating the creative team, to lighting, camera settings, lens choice and more.

These techniques can be applied to families, high school seniors, weddings, portraits and so much more.

So give your clients that high-fashion feel and a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

*Note: By opting in to watch this free tutorial you are accepting to receive promotions similar to this from Lindsay Adler and sponsors of this video.


5 Ways Fashion Flair Helps Your Business
Marketing and to Create a Buzz
Memorable Experience
Award-Winning Photographs
Top 5 Tips for Fashion Flair
Get to Know Your Clients
Have a Plan
Barter and Trade
Tell a Story
Study Fashion Photography
Fashion in Action
Shoot 1: Constant Strobe Mix
Shoot 2: Queen of Hearts
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