High Impact Images

In this educational and inspirational video tutorial, world-renowned photographer Lindsay Adler demystifies the techniques used in creating high impact images. Through her techniques and concepts, she’ll help you understand what it takes to make photographs that grab your attention.

Join Adler as she creates 4 different shoots from start to finish and guides you through the step by step process of concept development, lighting, posing, post-processing and more.

Impact is the core element of memorably imagery, and Lindsay Adler will explain what that means and what it takes to add impact to your work.

Along with developing concepts, you’ll learn about studio lighting, studio strobes on location, the purpose and use of neutral density filters, Photoshop compositing, creative Photoshop brushes, color toning, and much more.

Whether a portrait, wedding, fine art, or fashion photographer, you will learn what it takes to creative memorable, captivating imagery that are fantastic for marketing, competitions and artistic expression.

Go beyond basic technique and photographic skill– learn the techniques to takes your images from great to award-winning.

High Impact Images
High Impact Images
High Impact Images
High Impact Images
High Impact Images
  •  Concept development & Mood boards
  • Elements of Impact
    • Color
    • Composition
    • Light
    • Subject Matter
    • Movement
    • Emotion
  • Photographic technique
    • Studio Lighting gear & techniques
    • Studio-Ambient mixed, gear & techniques
    • Neutral Density Filters
  • Photoshop techniques
    • Color toning
    • Basic compositing
    • Creative Photoshop brushes

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