What’s in my bag? 

In this video I go over how the Spider Holster and Spider Pro Hand Strap have become indispensable tools of my photographic tool kit.

Both are durable, reliable and  The Holster takes weight off of my shoulders while allowing me to move quickly, freely and safely with my camera at my side. It is a great accessories for the demands of my active shooting style, working seamlessly whether I’m shooting in the studio or out on location. 

The Spider Pro Handstrap provides further safety while photographing in more unusual situations like on top of a ladder, on the edge of a cliff, or even just for every-day comfort and stability. When I have a long shoot ahead, I know that my camera won’t be wearing me down with the help of my Spider Holster gear.

Spider Pro Belt

Visit SpiderHolster.com and enter code LINDSAY20 to save 20% off of a belt OR hand strap!

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