Want to know how to select the right lens for your photo shoot? This tutorial is a great place to start! Here we will explore the concepts of lens choice, depth of field and compression. When you change your lens, focal length, or distance to subject, these all have a profound affect on your final photograph by affecting compression, depth of field or field of view. We’ll explain these essential terms and what they really mean to your images. We’ll also dive in depth into a key element of control in your photographs– depth of field. After watching this tutorial you’ll be able to confidently answer the following questions:

  • What are the different types of lenses out there, and how do I choose what’s right for me?
  • When I change my focal length, how does it change the look of the photograph?
  • What is compression and how does it affect my images?
  • What are multiple ways I can effect depth of field?

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