Chloe Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle publication with the tagline ‘We Celebrate Women”. I am really drawn to their clean, story-telling imagery. The women in their publication (both the models and featured women) are strong, beautiful and powerful. Chloe frequently runs featured articles on successful, stylish and influential women.

Earlier this year my stylist Lisa Smith Craig was invited to share her favorite trends and also to be a featured artist. She shared her approach to seasonal trends, individual taste and personal expression through fashion. Lisa is one of the strongest women I know. She can command a room, balance endless tastes, and look great the entire time she is doing so.

Lisa invited me to shoot the images for this feature, including a series of photographs of herself and also a styled model. The model images would represent her favorite trends this season and needed to be shot in a clean almost ‘look book’ style to showcase the selected pieces. While often in editorials I am encouraged to take on a more creative approach to the lighting and photography, in this case I more timeless and clean approach would better fit the end use of the images.

Come take a peek behind the scenes of the shoot!

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