Maternity portraits are an opportunity for you to create an image that becomes a timeless keepsake for the mother and family. Your posing not only helps to draw attention to her beautiful baby bump, but also helps your subject to look her best. Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean all of the other guidelines of posing women go out the window. Adding curve, having negative space or contouring, and slenderizing your subject all still apply (especially since she will likely have some extra weight that she is not used to)! All of that being said, there are some special considerations to achieve stunning imagery in your session. In this video I will cover my top 5 tips for successful maternity images including the mother’s angle, placement of the hands, placement of the feet, adding in the father and more.

5 guidelines for successful maternity posing

  • Pose at 3/4 or Profile
  • Bend or elevate the front legs
  • Use arms to contour the baby bump
  • All the rules for posing women still apply
  • Include father in supportive, framing poses
Resulting Images

Note: These images are for illustrative purposes, they aren’t finished or “polished”. They are mean’t to illustrate the resulting pose.

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