A successful family portrait means paying attention both to the big picture as well as the small details. Are you flattering each individual? Have you created body language that shows affection and togetherness? Have you created a balanced composition with visual flow for the eyes?

If you think of all the parts at once, it may seem overwhelming. As with any major task at hand, when you break it down into smaller steps it becomes much more manageable.

In this posing families video tutorial, I show you what you need to build a great family pose piece by piece in a way that creates cohesion and flatters everyone in the family.

The 5 Guidelines for Family Posing cover in this video include:

1. Build with Triangles
2. Start with one person, then build
3. Create a balanced composition
4. Use “together” body language
5. Don’t forget perspective!

Resulting Images

Note: These images are for illustrative purposes, they aren’t finished or “polished”. They are mean’t to illustrate the resulting pose.

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