Why do people always forget about the gentleman? Just because men often don’t like to be posed does’t mean they don’t need to be posed.

I’ve found that men’s portraits often suffer from a lack of direction. Far too often men’s posing is treated as an afterthought. Many photographers are intimidated to do more than ask a man to “stand there and look comfortable” or fear making them look ’too posed’. Unfortunately, that’s not doing much to help your subject really shine or to create an engaging portrait.

Give your male subject direction. Create solid structured poses, use anchors for comfort, and exude confidence when doing so— this helps create the type of images they desire.

In this tutorial you will learn the key elements needed to help direct, pose and flatter your male subjects. Don’t worry, you don’t need to memorize a lot of poses. A few will do the trick. And when you know the foundations for flattering men, you can let them pose themselves and then tweak their body position to create something comfortable and compelling.

This tutorial will cover these 5 guidelines for posing men:

1. Create structured, stable poses
2. Use an anchor or prop
3. Shoulder placement defines broadness
4. Direct the hands and feet
5. Direct + Tweak

Resulting Images

Note: These images are for illustrative purposes, they aren’t finished or “polished”. They are mean’t to illustrate the resulting pose.

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