In this brand new training series you will learn to infuse vibrant colors into your work through the use of gels.

As a photographer, color is one of the most powerful visual tools available to create scroll-stoping imagery and communicate emotion to your viewer.

Through a combination of 3 hours of video training + lighting recipe guide you will be able to create a wide range of creative setups from dramatic, saturated looks to more subtle pastel effects.

Furthermore, many of the looks are achieved with 2 or 3 strobes and common modifiers so you can use the gear you already have to create eye-catching results in the studio or on location!

Learn the essentials of color theory and how to utilize gels for powerful results.

This class will teach you how to select colors that work harmoniously together for outstanding results and how to select modifiers and light placement to create more saturated saturated effects.

You will learn how how to control the placement and vibrance of gels in your images, whether you want a more subtle or ‘in-your-face’ look.

Use color with purpose and control!

Gels Recipe Guide 

Included with your purchase is a 155 page ebook with 36 lighting setups that feature gels. The recipe guide is the perfect companion to the course and showcases sample setups that you can test and experiment with.

Print the guide out, view it on your computer or put it on your tablet to consult before a shoot!

Also included are more advanced setups so that once you’ve mastered the essentials you have room to grow and experiment.

Each recipe contains the necessary info to replicate it:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Diagram of lighting scene
  • Behind the scenes image of each setup
  • Camera gear used
  • Camera / lighting settings
  • Tips to achieve a better image
  • Gear guide
  • Color Theory explanations
  • Setups divided by how many lights are required
The Magic of Gels - Lindsay Adler Photography

36 Setup Recipe Guide Included

Sample from the Guide

(click to enlarge images)


#1 Introduction

#2 Lighting Basics

#3 Gel Basics

#4 Gel Essentials

#5 Gelling the Background

#6 Gel as a Fill Light

#7 Gelling the Rim Lights

#8 Gelling the Main Light

#9 Bringing it all together

#10 Color in Post

#11 Color Theory

#12 Monochromatic

#13 Analogous

#14 Split Complementary

#15 Warm Analogous

#16 Warm & Cool Colors

#17 Two Light Soft Pastel

#18 Using Gels as a Flag

#19 Using Flags Creatively

#20 Additive Colors

#21 Other Additive Combos

#22 Using Gels on Location

#23 Warm Hollywood on Location

#24 Stylized Backlight

#25 Mixing Gels & Ambient

#26 Gels in your Future

The Magic of Gels tutorial is available for streaming only. You will be able to download the Recipe Guide PDF for printing.